ADVOCATE by providing detainee and legal support

Detainee Support:

  • We work with coalition partnerships to visit individuals languishing in immigration custody throughout the country.
  • We provide funds for commissary accounts to help with access to food and phone calls.
  • We provide bail/bond funds to help to secure the release of people from immigration detention.

Legal Support:

  • We assist in providing legal referrals and funding low bono immigration attorneys to represent individuals in immigration custody.
  • Through legal partnerships, we work to assist in completing and filing required immigration documentation.

Policy Advocacy:

  • We work with coalition partners in New York, New Jersey and around the country to challenge arbitrarily and harmful detention laws and policies, and in calling for the abolishment of immigration detention.

INTEGRATE by providing post release support.

Post Release Support

  • We provide funds to assist individuals released with a travel stipend, food, and other basic necessities to be reunited with loved ones across the country.
  • We collaborate with St. Peter’s Church, NY and with other community  partners to provide English language instruction, food, clothing and temporary supportive housing to individuals released from immigration custody..

EDUCATE by providing community support

Community Support

  • We provide supportive services, increase public knowledge and awareness of immigration detention policies to individuals and families within the community who are at risk of detention and deportation.

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