At the Mami Chelo Foundation, Inc. we advocate for those who are trapped within the complex network of the United States immigration system. Inspired by the contributions made as a nation of immigrants, we help them rebuild their lives and contribute to the fabric of society in a sustainable manner.

A large part of our mission involves providing immigrants specialized legal advice. Our network of lawyers and consultants are passionate about what they do and strive to defend this vulnerable community. Together, we:

ADVOCATE by providing detainee and legal support

Detainee Support:

  • We visit individuals in immigration custody throughout the country.
  • We provide funds for their commissary accounts to help with access to food and phone calls.
  • We provide funds to assist with bail bonds.

Legal Support:

  • We assist in locating and funding low bono and pro bono immigration attorneys to represent individuals in immigration custody.
  • We assist in representing them in immigration court and filing required documentation.

INTEGRATE by providing post release support.

Post Release Support

  • We provide funds to assist individuals released with a travel stipend and a mobile phone.
  • We collaborate with St. Peter’s Church, New York, to provide English language instruction, food, clothing and housing to individuals released from custody.

EDUCATE by providing community support

Community Support

  • We provide supportive services to individuals and families within the community facing the risk of detention and deportation.

The stories of heroism and courage that refugees and immigrants share with us are inspiring. Often, the difficult journey is only pale compared to the horrors they experience in their home countries. Immigration-Detention-Factsheet_FINAL.pdf (